Pickup truck exhaust pipes manufacturer in China, loacts in Ningbo City . China

Truck exhaust pipes manufacturer

Ningbo Infengde Machinery Co.,Ltd exhaust manufacturer in China, loacts in Ningbo City . China

website: https://infengde.com

Ningbo Guxuan Auto Parts Co.,Ltd specialized on metal works, is the pipe bending factory of Infengde in Ningbo City

website: https://guxuanmfg.com

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Truck exhaust pipes manufacturer in China

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About us

We have been in production of auto exhaust pipes for years, and we are a exhaust manufacturer in Ningbo, that is an manufacturer aimed to make good quality truck exhaust products for you. Our products range not only covers complete exhaust products, exhaust pipes, truck exhaust systems, but also machining products, mandrel bends, stamping parts and structrual welded frames. We do OEM services for local manufactueres, trading companies, and also oversea branded customers. We mainly produces 4″ and 5″ exhaust pipes for trading companies 3 years ago. Till now, most of our products are supplied to local trading companies and US branded customers. The pipes are in SS409 and aluminized steel with wall thickness 1.5mm. Further more, all products are very well packed with customer logo printed on boxes.

Professional truck exhaust pipes manufacturer in China

Till last year in 2022, we have investments of 4 types of products ranges which are specialized on different industrial products.

– cnc machining services, cnc machining components for various industrial applications, but currently they are mainly for exhaust pipe flanges

 stamping, shee metal products by stamping / punching processes

– pipe mandrel bending and welding, mostly for production of vehicle exhaust pipes, diesel truck exhaust pipes, mandrel bends

– welding services, for various of metal products that needs welding

We have good experienced engineers on products of cnc machining, exhaust pipes, mandrel bending and stamping processes and also other surface treatment process. We also have good skilled workers, hence we are the right manufacturer for your products.

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